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The Second Annual Meeting of the SFPM

The second Annual Meeting of the SFPM, sponsored by Specicare, will unite pharma, academia and the clinician community to understand how functional testing can be harnessed as a precision medicine tool to identify patient responders, aid the development of novel therapeutics and inform treatment decision making. Tackling key obstacles in the demonstration of clinical utility, execution of clinical trials, integration into healthcare practice and advancement of educational awareness, the Summit will help you understand how to implement functional precision medicine across the R&D and healthcare continuum.

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Venue Information

April 25, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
San Diego, California
Hotel Solamar San Diego

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Meeting Details

Functional assays are in the truest sense precision medicine; matching a patient to a drug by directly testing their live tissue. The hypothesis is simple, yet in a personalized healthcare approach dominated by population scale genomics, the utilization of functional assays is limited. The frustration is palpable, however there exists a great opportunity to expand precision medicine beyond genomics, ultimately bringing better treatment options and the potential for greater outcomes to patients in need.

The inaugural Functional Precision Medicine Summit is a one-day event dedicated to showcasing advances in functional assays and their application in oncology precision medicine. Bringing together a unique mix of pharmaceutical, academic and technology leaders, the summit is must attend for those interested in the use of assaying technology to further biomarker discovery, drug R&D and personalized healthcare outcomes.

Through keynote talks, interactive panel discussions and informal roundtable sessions, the summit will focus on these key topics:

  • Demonstrating the clinical utility of functional precision medicine testing
  • Implementing functional testing in precision medicine clinical trials
  • Accelerating the application of functional testing
  • Addressing stakeholder, educational and investment challenges for functional precision medicine

Meeting Agenda

8:00 AM - Registration - Light Breakfast

9:00 AM - Introductory Remarks - Tony Letai, President SFPM

  • Where we are as a field and as a society
  • Plans for the society, member involvement

9:10 AM - Session 1: Liquid tumors (15 minutes each including questions)

  1. Berend Snijder - ETHZ and co-founder of Allcyte
  2. Sara Cherry – U Penn
  3. Sungwon Kim – ImpriMed
  4. Caroline Heckman - FIMM
  5. Chosen from Abstracts

10:25 AM - Panel Discussion and Questions from Floor

10:50 AM - Coffee Break

11:10 AM - Session 2: Solid tumors (15 minutes each including questions)

  1. Herve Tiriac - UCSD
  2. Scott Manalis – MIT
  3. Rich Klinghoffer – Presage
  4. Sarah Hill – DFCI
  5. Chosen from Abstracts

12:25 PM - Panel Discussion and Questions from Floor

12:45 PM - Working Lunch with Presentation from Ken Dixon – SpeciCare

1:30 PM - Break for Networking and Initial Poster Viewing

2:15 PM - Breakout sessions

  • Breakout 1: Designing clinical trials
  • Breakout 2: Getting foundations and patient advocates involved
  • Breakout 3: Regulatory concerns
  • Breakout 4: Building an FPM company
  • Breakout 5: Partnering with Biotech and Pharma

3:30 PM - Summary from table leaders

4:00 PM - Poster session and drinks

Abstract Submission

Consider submitting an abstract to present your work at the Annual Meeting. We will be hosting a poster session in the afternoon. In addition, short talks will be selected from the abstract. If you would like to present your work, submit your abstract by April 6th 2020.

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